INTUITIVE HEALING and Spiritual Guidance

Welcome Gorgeous!  My name is Allison...
I have been blessed with psychic gifts since I was born. 

I believe everyone is, just to different degrees, depending on their choices, their focus in life, and their karmic destiny. 

We all have a higher purpose that we are each searching for.  When you're aligned with this purpose you will feel more ease, joy, and peace in every aspect of your life. 

Healing is the word I use to describe this journey towards authentic alignment.

Of course the healing path is never an easy one.  You must have the courage to look at your setbacks, your flaws, and choose to be more aware of your actions surrounding your wounds and past experiences. 

Having a witness and spiritual guide throughout your healing journey is crucial for the deepest transformations to stay in place.

It has been an honor to do for others what I have needed in my own life and have continued to seek counsel in my team of healers.

Here, in this moment is where you can find the answers you seek, the comfort of spirit confirming the magic of being alive, and make way for more gratitude, abundance, and light in your daily life!

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MOST Common concerns:


  • Confused about what to do and where to go next?  Feeling anxious about making a move in your career or life path because you're not sure what you're supposed to do?  Find your unique signature, your life purpose and put your potential to the test.  Create advancement with important goals and let go of pleasing others to help you feel like you're living your own purposeful and driven life.  Become the healer you are meant to be with sound advice to keep you on track to success.


  • Clear up your concerns about money and business in a session that will teach you how to understand money and wealth in a whole new way!  So many people suffer from "lack" and "scarcity" mentality that they stay stuck in a needy place that becomes a sub-conscious comfort zone for the ego.  Watch your life transform as you release old baggage surrounding your finances and your relationship to money. 

Confidence in your Magic

  • Most people who come to me and my work are already aware of being empathic and highly sensitive beings.  The next step is learning to trust that these sensitivities are highly valuable gifts and can be transformed into your highest purpose and your most significant super-power.  Ready to wake up and be free?  Step into your magic and love who you are and let it radiate into the world! 


If you're like me you have spent countless dollars looking for a quick fix to happiness and wellness, and found yourself to be more poor and frustrated than you were before. 

I have ALSO spent some money on the few GREATS that I have found to be my greatest guides, mentors and inspiration when I hit those infamous bumps and blocks in the road to achieving my dreams and visions.

Without these modern day heroes I would certainly not be where I am today!

Call them psychic, call them intuitive, call them what you will, but the insight these people gave me was far more valuable than anything with a price tag.  It was a special connection I learned to have with myself that was above all the most important piece of my happiness puzzle.

Happiness comes from knowing who you are and accepting your many facets!

Freedom is waiting.

There is so much to explore within our work together.  Let's take your life and magic to the next level by finding your authentic spiritual power.

So c'mon lovelies!  What are you waiting for?  Together we can find your Source + Sea, your bliss and magic, your confidence, peace, and passion.  Dive in and cool down with me as we remove anything that stands in the way of YOUR unique version of success.  Let your heart sing, your booty shake, and your laughter roar as we connect to the infinite light and love in all things.  

I am so honored to have the opportunity to work with you!