Mini Video Reading - Receive Within 48 Hours!

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mini Video Sessions.jpg

Mini Video Reading - Receive Within 48 Hours!

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Receive a 10-15 minute reading within 48 hours of your order.  

This is an incredible way to connect with your angels and guides quickly and accurately.  

I look forward to connecting! 

Get my Reading!

Enjoy these Mini Video Readings while they still last!  

For a limited time only!!


"I'm pretty sure you have like, a hidden camera in my apartment or something.  I've never had such a relate-able, dead-on reading from someone I don't know 'in real life'."

∞ Shai Beardon ∞
Creator of "Wild Sister Magazine"

"Thankyou soooo much for my awesome, totally spot on, absolutely resonating with your every word reading!  Everything you said and every card you pulled really spoke deeply to me and exactly what I needed to hear about this situation.  I'm SO thankful you could do this for me!"  

∞ Kellie ∞

"You are so right on girlfriend!  I loved it!  So true to my life right now!"

∞ Susan ∞